Friday, February 5, 2016

Beyond The Dead

This last saturday, Jan 30th, Vancouver had one hell of a night. A huge six band bill at the Rickshaw brought out a night of great metal, which even had 2 great local acts open. I got to say, that recently Ive been getting really happy to do any reviews of shows thrown on by Invisible Orange. I've been to a few shows put on by them and have  yet to be disappionted. Shows like this last one make my job reviewing them easy, cause really the review could write itself.
To start of the the night was a band from Victoria that goes by the name of Torrefy. This was my first time I've ever heard or seen these guys and, to put it blunty, I'm impressed. From the start you can easily peg out that this band practices alot. Musically they never faltered. Their sound was very clean and extremely well rehearsed. My only problem with their show, was their was minimal interaction between the band. Though the music was flawless, their live show didnt seem to quite match the ferocity of the music they were playing. With a little more work on their live presence this band will for sure be a heavy hitter. I personally cant wait to follow up on these guys cause Im sure there is big things in store for them. 
Up next was another local band band by the name of Dead Asylum. I really don't know where to even begin. This band slays. If a band gets me reminiscing of the good ole days of tossing in old Death albums and not going to class, you know your doing something right. The dual vocals of Mike Lister and Tyler Forde were relentless as you were pounded by brutal riff after brutal riff. The drumming of Samantha Landa was impeccable as she is arguably the best female drummer i've seen live. At one piont I honestly thought she was going to kick through her bass drum as she threw down harder then a vast majority of drummers i've seen. Only suggestion for Dead Asylum is one for the fans. I mean that as in if your reading this review, GO SEE THIS BAND! 
Exmortus, a band that claims to come from California but im still pretty sure that they aren't human in the first place. I really don't know how a band so technically crazy on every instrument can put on a show the way they did. I usually find extremely technical bands spend alot of time having to look at their intruments and not move around on the stage that much. I see now that there are exceptions to the rule and that is Exmortus. To top it all off they even did a cover of Moonlight by Beethoven. Though I do have one thing to say, and im grasping at straws, but near the end of their set their songs started to sound the same and repitive. Which shouldn't be a thing in a set of a little over 30 minutes. Stellar job regardless and this band definitely goes on my would suggest list.
I got to be honest this next review is going to be short. The fourth band on stage was a band by the name of Cauldron. There show was really your average run of the mill set. I was confused by the first half of their set, and really felt the energy in the venue slowed down after such a stellar buildup from the bands that played before. Nothing really stuck out for the good or the bad. Slow start but nailed the end. Can't really say much else.
Another titan of band played fifth this night, and after the change of pace of the show, Warbringer couldn't come sooner. Really this band sells itself so there really isn't much I can say about Warbringer that hasn't been said. Textbook show, extremely high energy and beyond entertaining. Hands down the band of the night. I suggest for every metal to check this band out cause next time they're in town you won't want to miss seeing these guys.
Last up for the night was Enforcer. I'm going to be honest, after seeing; Dead Asylum, Exmortus and Warbringer I don't think any headlinging band would have been able top them. Enforcer played a flawless, high energy set, but I find that their performance just got overshadowed by the bands before them. I would definitely see them again cause I feel like an all power metal bill would really have this band shine.
All in all hats off to the bands that played. I had a great time, heard some new bands and met some new people. 
Now for my hammer ratings;
Torrefy 3/5 hammers
All this band has to do is match their stage presence to the ferocity of their music and you'll get another amazing local band to go see. Can't wait to see what this band will do in the future.
Dead Asylum 5/5
My personal take for band of the night. They definitely made a fan out of this reviewer.
Exmortus 4/5
I really would have given this band 5/5 if it wasnt the fact that the songs started to sound the same by the very end of their set.
Cauldron 2.5/5
As stated before, pretty average show. Confusing start to their set.
Warbringer 5/5
Going off the crowds reaction this was definitely the fann choice for band of the night. Like come on, it's Warbringer.
Enforcer 3.5/5

I feel like if this band was put on a different bill or wasnt headlining it would have gotten a much higher rating. I have high expections for headlinging bands, and the other bands that played before set the bar just a little to high for Enforcer.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Do You Wear Black To A Disco Funeral?

I love this video. A music video is a glimpse into the bands soul. You not only get to see the band, you also get to see them do stuff! Some bands keep it fairly boring and unless the shots are creative then the video is just them performing the song on a stage. Cool stuff, but do you want your fans to come out and see your show live to support your band? 

Disco Funeral puts together this hilarious, well thought out, brilliant piece of work. You just have to watch and see for yourself what its about! Check out their Facebook page HERE.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lucid Afterlife - I Am

This track rocks. So dirty, gritty and heavy. The moment you put on the track, the air just seems to become thicker as you listen to this sludgy guitar riff. Mixed with the retro Superman fight something about this video is just fitting. Check out Lucid Afterlife's Facebook page HERE.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mitigo - Clowned

Almost a year ago Mitigo released this awesome video! The whole scenery reminds of me of some awesome house parties back in the day! Very Vancouver rock and roll! We've heard these guys a few times on stage and quite enjoyed this video. Be sure to check out their video for The Fly as well! 

20Six Hundred

Retro is almost becoming its own genre. Building tracks and music that just make you think back to a time before. Gives you that nostalgia factor. This album could be the soundtrack for countless 70's and 80's movies. Its a great mix of cheese and music taste. I keep expecting a vocal to come out and someone to start singing but as far as i can tell it's not how this group works.  Be sure to check out their Facebook page and bandcamp for more releases!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sollo - Vertex

For all you EDM loving people, we have a treat for you. This track is melodic and just builds and builds! Professional sounds building a beautiful track! This reminds me of Tiesto with some of the sounds. Put this track on and jam out. Warning! Your head will be bobbing while you listen!

Lou Danger & The Thrills!

Recording an album is risky enough, adding in whisky, just means its EXTRA dangerous. I wouldn't' expect anything else from Lou Danger and the Thrills! These boys just dropped a sick album. Grab a fresh bottle of Whiskey Business and take a shot every time you find yourself nodding along to the catchy hooks, guitar riffs or thick bass lines! The drums add that sense of urgency that keep the songs bopping along! From this little teaser I was hooked and wanted to hear more more more!