Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lethal Halo

“The soul traveller is eternal. Where one chapter ends, another begins. So it repeats.”

Oct 30, 2014 — Canadian melodic metal ensemble, LETHAL HALO have revealed today the full details for their new release. The 4-track self-produced EP will be titled “Animanaut” and be made available online November 18, 2014. Physical copies will also be made available at live shows and through the band’s various online outlets.

The recording is the culmination the band’s growth since their 2011 album, “Process of Progress”. Among the many changes the core of the band has experienced is the inclusion of vocalist Andrew Bailey and bassist/backing vocalist Gary Carter. The dichotomy of influences and personalities helped develop the band’s modern melodic metal tendencies with a more progressive approach. The band worked with Mike Rogerson & Cam Boyer at Harbourside IT in North Vancouver to put together this piece of the band’s history. This is a state of change; a theme that runs through the EP and the band as a whole.

Following the November 18 worldwide (digital) release, the band will embark on a short 2-leg Canadian tour in direct support of the release in late November. Preliminary local shows and subsequent media are planned for post-tour.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sorry, I Gotta Go!

Check out this great music video from Pistolfish! Some sick blues rock to make this cloudy day a little bit brighter! Shot in beautiful black and white this song packs a punch! Check out their Facebook page HERE.

Do It For The Glory!

Guts And Glory have an EP on the way and heres some footage from a live show! Some nice dirty punk rock from Vancouver! Check it out! Heres their Facebook page HERE.

Use Your Eyes And Ears!

Hammer Records has always been impressed with Vancouver musicians and their dedication to their music. This new record from Quartered is amazing. This is the sound I think of when I hear the name Quartered. If your into anything progressive then you have to check this out! Check out their Facebook page HERE.

Just Leave It To Luck

Check out this charming tune from Noah Edwards! Check out his Facebook page HERE.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Seeing Giants

Mike Body's new single "Seeing Giants" features King Medullah is a great track! Reminding me of a young Kayne West mixed with Pitbull. A well produced instrumental behind his rap. Some solid production, but nothing that takes it to the next level. When King Medullah lays down his bridge you can hear the double tracking which differentiates it from the rest of the track. The chorus is catchy and you can definitely bob your head to it.

The music video is well shot and well edited. I wish there had been a bit more stylizing of the shots. It gives a gritty look yet not too dark that its authentic.

Its great seeing Christian artists deliver their message in a format that isn't too in your face. Positive message through some dark tones. Hammer Records artist Rayne has a similar view.  Check out his Facebook page HERE.

Having A Bit Of A Different Day

Montreal has always been full of great music. We know a few Vancouver bands that have moved out there JUST to play the Montreal music scene. Some great venues, good promoters and TONS of awesome bands! One of those bands are called Different Days. This pop rock group has some pumping tunes, catchy hooks and a great sound.

Their 5 track self titled EP is full of well produced tracks. A mix between Metric, Paramore and even a little bit of Avril Lavigne in there. Full of dynamics I can only imagine the songs would look great on stage! Using the age-old Nirvana/Pixie technique of quite verses with loud chorus really allows separation and allows the listener to pick up on the structure of the song quickly. You can hear some punk influences in the tracks but without making things messy.

I love seeing bands evolve and grow. I would keep my eye on these guys and hopefully see them keep playing shows, growing their fan base and writing more catchy tunes!

Check out their Facebook HERE.